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Leading with Confidence

“Those on winning streaks seem to get all the advantages – adulation, career opportunities, good deals, and the benefit of the doubt. When things are up, it feels as though they will always be up. People believe they will succeed at anything they try.Attracting resources is easier.

When things are down it seems they will always be down. Any person, team or organization can be swept along by one of these fortunate or unfortunate cycles.


Confidence is the bridge connecting expectations and performance, resou rces and results. It is built on Accountability, Collaboration and Initiative.


This workshop provides fresh thinking on the practice of leading with  Confidence and Success and provides people in leadership a prescriptive program for maintaining a winning streak or turning around a downward spiral. Confidence is essential for implementing all change, innovation, strategy and engagement for high performance.


3 Corner Stones of Confidence

The pattern is consistent everywhere, from the sports world to the business world to education, and to every realm in which individuals have to perform to high standards. In the midst of winning cycles, people naturally gravitate toward behaving in ways that support confidence.



People want to share information and take responsibility; they have nothing to hide. They seek feedback and self-improvement.



People want to work together. Mutual attraction is high, interpersonal bonds are strong, and relationships are multi-faceted because people take the time to know each other in a variety of settings.



People feel that what they do matters, that they can make a difference in outcomes, so they offer ideas and suggestions.

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