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Global Leaders Network


Global Leaders Network

Keynote Speakers, Trainers, Workshops,

In House Training, Coaching and Consulting

About us

Global Leaders Network works with leading organizations to develop the highest quality Training and Implementation methodologies for organizations and schools around the world. 


Founded by Andrew and Melanie Greatrex in 1996 and based in Celebration, FL (right by Walt Disney World) our company has worked around the world with some of the most renowned thought leaders and organizations. Thought leaders we have worked during these years include John Kotter, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Pink, Chip Heath, Rob Goffee, Charles Handy, Manfred Kets DeVries, Peter Senge, and Shawn Achor.


Put simply we exist to make organizations better and the lives of people more extraordinary.

More than a global training and consulting company we are a network in the truest sense of the word linking people, ideas and opportunities through an expansive system of experts, practitioners and successful leaders.

Our work includes transformational workshops and seminars that breathes life into organization's and the people attending them. We use practical examples, action plans, exhilarating activities, case studies, diagnostics and all based on research. These proven workshops are always evaluated by participants as the best workshop they have ever attended and utilized by some of the best organizations in most industries around the world including The Pentagon, NSA, US Air Force, US Navy, Lego, Novo Nordisk, Garmin, INTEL, Capital One, South Australian Dept. of Premier and Cabinet to name a few.

Our work has also taken us into the depths of public education in the USA, UK and Australia assisting with Dispositional Hiring, Professional Learning Communities, Mindfulness, Social and Emotional Learning, Brain Science and Positivity.

Since the Covid Pandemic we have a primary focus on wellbeing and self care of staff and their families. 



At Global Leaders Network, we work with people who are willing to challenge the status quo, learning and applying Leadership, Change, Motivation, Management, Positive Psychology, Happiness, Innovation, Employee Engagement utilizing positive psychology and Neuroscience. In addition to having worked in Government and Private Organizations throughout the world our people have teamed up with the World’s Thought Leaders from Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, London Business School and NY Times Best Selling Author to provide high end Globally Recognized Training Products, Facilitation and Implementation Strategies. Thought Leaders include Daniel H. Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, Prof Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Gary Hamel, Chip Heath, Prof John Kotter, Marcus Buckingham, Jim Collins, Miha Pogacnik and Shawn Achor to name a few.



  • Create an integrated model of leadership to enable to shape the future rather than be shaped by it.

  • Respect and encourage individual and collective ability, creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

  • Ensure people are the source of our strength.

  • Ensure sustainable learning, development, resources and support.

  • Research and listen to the voice of emerging and incumbent leaders and positively act upon their voice.

  • Consistently stretch the achievable, believable and sensory boundaries.

  • Acknowledge that people have the capability to achieve great things.                     



Creating successful organizations through better workplaces for everybody and making the lives of people better



Energizing Teams and Organizations. Enhancing Workplace Cultures



Finding and connecting meaning in work and life

Building self confidence, confidence in teams, confidence in systems and external confidence


DIFFERENTIATORS – Global Expertise with Thought Leaders

  • Leadership

  • Change

  • Positive Psychology

  • Intrinsic Motivation

  • Happiness and Optimism

  • Influence and Persuasion

  • Management (Human Behavior)

  • Innovation and Performance

  • Employee Engagement

  • Strategic Navigation


We provide in-house leadership training to enhance positivity, performance, increase motivation, assist with the art of persuasion (including sales), building self and organizational confidence and to embed these into the culture of an organization. 


We work with leading organizations throughout the world who are committed to the best leadership and culture.



Global Leaders Network
T: 305-676-1085
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